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New Age Voice Magazine
- A review by Ben Ohmart

Richard Bone

    Richard Bone's latest ambient ancestor is an ethereally charged 50 minute CD 'inspired by the spiritual philosophies of the ancient Toltec people.' It is rich without being over-indulgent. The moods and motifs climb on and off the steps leading to the great beyond with nary a pant nor a backward glance.

    While I personally like the recording, I warn that it's foolish to review electronic ambient, forit is like religion. There are so many in the world. You need to hop around and experience them until you find the one that's right for you. You must also have the ear and confidence to like pictures painted with sound, not with mere visual colors.

    Bone has spent time with a wealth of stimulus that is as old as life itself. Hearing his fertile layers inside a new century's technology wrapped around such patriarchal climates is quite an experience. One of my favorite tracks is 'Ley Lines' because of the soft tones involved. To explain it, you might as well ask me to explain my own inner prayers.

    Some of the tracks may be harder to take than others. 'Corazon del Cielo' for example is that sort of animal that makes its way without drama, slowly building up over time, like a man's day by day career. Those with patience for this style of music will enjoy and hear the sheer subtleties that grow within 5 minutes. Perhaps the layman will grasp it immediately. As I say. Be a Catholic or a Lutheran, don't let others pick your god.

    In my opinion, the simple beauty of it wins over ordinary pop stuff anyday without a shot being fired. Bone is ambient, like the best in the field, and his music mellows and smiles down.

Instrumentation: various synthesizers