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Music, Movies and Mayhem - A Review by Serge Kozlovsky

ichard Bone

       "Ascensionism" is the final part of the trilogy by Richard Bone, following the brilliant experimental "Electropica" and "Coxa". Probably, this is the most extraordinary part of the trilogy. Richard Bone, masterly intertwining ethnical melodies and Oriental rhythms into his music, connects all this with an ambient sound and his numerous 'noises'. I need to say, that Richard Bone works with 'noise' masterly, creating an atmosphere, helping ascend to the highs of his trance-ambient-ethnical-jazz experimental music.

     "Waters of Assiyah" is an elegant and smooth beginning to the journey. With "Sister Samadhi" appears a pulsing rhythm and strict structure with soft little bells sometimes appearing in the background. The ascent begins with a total dance.

     Birds singing and the beats of a drum announce the appearance of "Kavvannah". A leisurely walk in a beautiful garden, a journey to the clear consciousness. And here we take off with soft keyboard sounds in "Ariel Dane & The Serphim Swing". It is changed by the mysterious "Walking' With The Dharma Bums" with jazz sounds and a 'free' brass section. We are somewhere in a secret place hidden in the high mountains. Among the crowd we are waiting for a meeting with the guide who will lead us through the hidden gorges and dangerous passes to the sun-lit peaks where white caps are sparkling above.

     We now approach the culmination part of our journey. Noisy places and densely inhabited settlements are left behind. We are alone among the silence of mountains. Even the air is vibrating here. The road becomes more dangerous, and ringing little bells together with strict melody in "Ascensionism" lead us on a narrow path between the open gorges, protecting us from falling into an abyss.

     The inner solitude becomes especially sharp in "Jhana". There are only sharp peaks and unlimited distance wrapped in a white fog around us. Piercing keyboards underline the endless solitude. Here we are caught up by the sensually optimistic "Sultry Sally's Meditation Alley". Enjoying the sensitivity is not putting you down, but uplifting you. And there is a non-seriousness of a Divine celebration in all this.

     Our ascent to the flowing spaces of the other world is concluded with "The Continuing Adventures of Jet Swami". Jet Swami prepares the listener for new adventures. And they take place in the hidden final nameless composition. One can feel the tenderness, which flowing with waves, reaches the most intimate depth of the human essence.

     Listen to this music. It is difficult to describe because it is not similar to anything and can be experienced only with an open heart.

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