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A Review by Serge Kozlovsky

Serge Kozlovsky.com
music journalist, Republic of Belarus


Richard Bone

      The harmonies arise from Chaos,
The life comes to the world from a tiny seed…

Seven of Richard Bone's compositions not issued earlier are presented on his "Connection Failed" album. Notwithstanding an apparent eclecticism, they all have something in common. And that is an irrepressible stream of consciousness. Richard Bone takes the listener into the process of his creative work and, once having had the sensation of it, you can't tear yourself away and just journey along with the composer, hover in his harmonies and enjoy the delicate sense of his inspired music.

This is e will want to hear time and again. After having listened once you understand that the world was poorer without it, and it will never become as it was again. Richard Bone's music clears your consciousness. It opens wide the window in front of you, and in its openess you see the whole universe and it calls to you. And once you have come to it, you will never be the same person.

Richard Bone's music is magic... It compels your mind to work and not only renews your imagination, but urges to create something in response.

It is a great pleasure that these seven compositions have been issued on "Connection Failed". Thanks to them you can hear an unfamiliar and much desired side of Richard Bone.

My favorite composition of this album is "Delicate Westerns". In its short, laconic sounds there is a breathing of the unknown, a voice of tomorrow. What will it be? It is kept from your eyes. And at the same time the music of "Delicate Westerns" urges motion. It helps you not be afraid of the unknown, and just walk in the direction your heart prompts. And this way will, without doubt, bring you to a self-awareness…

As always Richard Bone's music is refined and exquisite. "Connection Failed" is a sample of perfect electronic music, the acme to which modern musicians should aim.

You should to listen to Richard Bone's new album "Connection Failed" without fail. It is not just music, there is a pulse of the times in it and its minimalist sound reflects the breathing of real life.

At times of shocks and deep distempers
When ground slips away under your feet
The only stream of radiant music
While changing still remains unchanged.

Serge Kozlovsky

P.S. Translated (from Russian) by Tatyana L. Permyakova.