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A Review by Serge Kozlovsky

music journalist, Republic of Belarus


Richard Bone

     Would you like to be bored qualitatively? Somebody would say on this something like: "Ha, do you find something interesting in being bored? And is it really something special?" Still, I have said the word "qualitatively" not occasionally. This is not this state of being bored, when you can not do anything and when you feel a burden on your heart. This is the state of being bored, when you feel quite good and comfortable, and you just want to do nothing for a while. Just to make some difference in your life. Well, in this case you can play "Coxa" and enjoy it, because this is the very music which optimally corresponds to your state. Gradually the music gives way to become more alive and energetic. So, what is "Coxa?" This is an original mixture of jazz and ambient. I would say even, that this is something very special, which can be named "jazz-ambient." The album by Richard Bone is inspired by jazz music of the mid 60's - the music by Creed Taylor, Rudy Van Gelder and other classics of the genre. All this is presented quite unexpectedly: in a foggy-eroded ambient manner. An element of mystery and uncertainty is present. And this music is also a little bit bandit and gangster-like. This hooligan element gives the music a special hue; the night color. And moreover, this music is visual, and I could say that it is cinematographic.

       I have never heard jazz presented in this fashion. I think that you, who are reading these lines will hardly have heard of such music. Therefore, listen to the new album by Richard Bone and you will feel what real boredom is. This could be a different thing from what you knew about it!

Serge Kozlovsky
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P.S. I would like to express my gratitude to Alexander Petrov for translation of this review.

(Used by Permission from the Author)