Time Travel







A Review by Serge Kozlovsky

music journalist, Republic of Belarus


Richard Bone

     This album begins with a soft jingling of bells and unhurried meditative sounds of piano. The music of Richard Bone awakens you by its first accords and involves you in its slightly strange, otherworldly, miraculous action. It disorients you, and you don't know what is going to happen next, you just have to prepare to perceive the unavoidable.

     And so it starts. Together with the uterine plangent sound rhythms appear, and echoes of a charming female voice within it. The rhythms are detective and increasingly dramatic. The melody recalls more and more the music of the Middle East, but you are not listening to music from this planet's past. You are listening to the music of Cosmic East, full of mysteries, as if you turned to be somewhere in the future, within the great Eurasian civilization. And then you are planing in your imagination over the huge space of the Great Deserts and giant megalopolises, changing voluntarily the direction of your flight, not stopping for a moment.

     The name of the new album by Richard Bone - "Disorient" - is not occasional. This music really makes you drop all expectations and habitual templates.

     You have to be extremely flexible. And then your ears will not be deceived by the sounds of a cosmic Shangri-La, full of the chirrup of unknown birds; they are followed by a melody of passion. Now it is an intimate communication of two lovers, an ecstasy, overflowing bliss of bodies and emotions.

     Speaking about the music of Richard Bone, I use the word "cosmic" expressly, as it has vast inner space and depth. The musician reveals for you his universe and you can see that it is shoreless. It scares you a little and at the same time excites you. This Infinity, which is behind the sounds of the arabesque melodies of Richard Bone, stimulates your imagination and takes away your whole somnolence.

     Music of the album "Disorient" is harmonic in its unpredictability. That is a reality of a higher rank. It belongs not to the world of the slave civilizations, but to the world of spiritual beings. Richard Bone isn't afraid to change, and he is honest to his listeners. He is not going to replicate the successful findings of past projects, but moves to new and newer ideas.

     And as always, reviewing the projects of Richard Bone, I can mark the excellent, perfect sound design of his new album "Disorient". This music enshrouds you, and you forget about everything else.

     "Disorient" is an hour of pleasure, a joy for a music gourmand, an unbelievably juicy and fragrant exotic fruit, delivered with care from some far lands, still unknown for the travelers.

     I have not heard something comparative in its respect of internal power and greatness of impact for a long time.

     It's time to drop our somnolence; it's time to know and make clear the things that are not understood yet. Changing the guidelines and breaking the conventional, established life. Bright colors outside you and new horizons within you. "Disorient" is the fantastic bliss of being alive...

Serge Kozlovsky
email: s.kozlovsky@gtp.by
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P.S. Translated by Andrej Karatkevich.