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Writings by Serge Kozlovsky

Richard Bone: Explorer of the Inner Universe
(interview conducted by Serge Kozlovsky)

Serge: Let us start from the most fresh news. As far as I know, not long ago you went to Mexico where you visited pyramids and ancient ruins at Chichen-Itza. I also know that you are interested in Indian culture and philosophy (in particular, Toltec philosophy). You have written me that as a result of your journey you are going to produce a 30-minute black and white film and a new album. Could you please tell me about these projects more in detail. When could we expect their realization and how could you characterize them? Which interesting events and impressions did you experience during these journeys?

Richard: The video, which was to be color, has been temporarily shelved. It was to accompany a live performance which has since been canceled. Although I am disappointed, I always remain confident that higher powers guide our lives. Therefore I take comfort in knowing that the live performance was not right for me at this time. There is a new CD, however, based on my visit to Chichen-Itza and my Toltec studies. The disc is called "TALES FROM THE INCANTINA" and will be released in late March or April. It is a completely ambient work. It is also very influenced by my love for the works of Harold Budd.

Serge: Now I feel this is a good place to move on to your original (and my favorite) trilogy "Electropica", "Coxa" and "Ascensionism". In my view you have an interesting approach to the work with sound: you use very interesting sounds, unexpected sound combinations, and during listening to your e can hear something unusual - a new detail, a change of a mood, and other original things. With that you have very interesting melodies. Your music can' t be compared to music by anyone else. Could you tell me about the process of your creative work? How do you work with sound, what is important for you in the process of your work and how does it all happen in general?

Richard: My approach to writing, in the last 7 years, is always the same. First I take time to silence the world around me via meditation. Then, I simply begin to improvise on the keyboard. After that point, something greater than myself takes over. Rarely do I even have any recollection of the writing process. Sometimes I will place a photograph that symbolizes the current project. But beyond that I do not have any preconceived idea when I start to write.

Serge: Your trilogy differs on its sound from all the music which I have heard before. This is a completely special "cocktail" of jazz, ambient and new age music. How could you characterize your music? That is not for me to say. Which album of the trilogy (they are very different) do you like most of all?

Richard: I prefer not to choose. It would be of greater interest to know which CD is YOUR favorite.

Serge: A detective plot is present in your album "Coxa" (I mean the compositions "Playa Six" and "Outside the Incrimination Field"). What story did you want to tell us here? In general, with what is connected the "detective mood" present in your music as it is felt in the above mentioned album?

Richard: As I mentioned a moment ago, I do not write with an attempt to convey ANYTHING. The music simply evolves to be what it was meant to be. I do not try to edit that process.

Serge: In the last album of the trilogy - "Ascensionism", I can feel the ethnical Hebrew and Egyptian tunes are presented. Your music is inspired by mystical teachings of Kabbalah and spiritual schools high over the Ancient Egypt and Luxor. By the way, could you tell me what is Luxor and what is the meaning of Kavvannah?

Richard: Luxor an ancient city in Egypt believed by some to be an energy vortex (as is Sedona, Arizona)... In the Kabbalah "Kavvannah" just means "one who is supremely aware of their own existence and it's vast implications".

Serge: Thank you. So, please tell more in detail about your interest of the ancient cultures and their music. Is the use of mysterious ethnical tunes part of your spiritual search, and if yes, then how?

Richard: I have been blessed with the good fortune to travel to many exotic parts of the world. With those travels comes the awareness that, although we may follow different paths, we are all on a spiritual journey with the same destination. The music in Ascensionism, for example, is simply the result of my personal journey at that moment. Just as "Tales from the Incantina" reflects a different point in my life.

Serge: What is your spiritual development? Are you practicing any spiritual techniques?

Richard: Since all doctrines have the same destination, it changes constantly.

Serge: In the album "Ascensionism" we have met Jet Swami, a personage which you created. Could you tell me about Jet Swami? Why did you create such a personage?

Richard: To amuse myself and possibly others. Mr. Swami has, however, left us.

Serge: What are the similarities and differences of your trilogy being compared with your other works? Is it possible you will create something of this kind in the near future?

Richard: I have no plans, I am but a vessel.

Serge: Now, let us talk about the other side of your creative work. You are also producing pure ambient projects. Not long ago, Hypnos Records released your albums "The Spectral Ships" and "Ether Dome". Why are the ambient projects important for you and what are you aspiring to express in these works?

Richard: The ambient works are simply another aspect of my personality. To create the same style of music again and again would not honor life.

Serge: Are you going to continue your collaboration with Hypnos Records?

Richard: Time will tell.

Serge: Could we expect new ambient projects from you?

Richard: Yes, I have created an ambient division of my Quirkworks label called INDIUM.
The reason for this is to allow people to know immediately (by looking at the label) whether it's an ambient work (Indium) or a rhythmic work (Quirkworks).

Serge: Could you say a few words about your album "Metaphysic Mambo"? What was important for you to express in this project?

Richard: I must make it clear that there is never an attempt to "express" anything. Whatever CD is created at any given time is simply the result of my life experiences at the time combined with guidance coming to me from beyond.

Serge: In general, which of your many albums is especially dear to you and why?

Richard: The one I have yet to create!

Serge: Universe of Richard Bone: could you describe it, what it looks like and what is present there?

Richard: It looks like your very favorite dream.

Serge: Now we can proceed to the Internet. You have a very aesthetic and informative web site, which was made for you by Marleen Kingsley of her own initiative. How did it all start? How did you meet Marleen?

Richard: Marleen sent me a warm and wonderful e-mail after hearing my track, Cancion del Arco on radio. Although we live a great distance apart, I have no doubt that we were once siblings. She is one the finest people to have ever entered my life. I am so grateful for all she does.

Serge: Your albums were released by various record companies. Among them are your own QuirkWorks Laboratory, Halcyon and Hypnos Records. In general where do you prefer to produce your albums? Which company is most easy for you to work with and on which labels are you going to release your future albums?

Richard: I have no preconceived ideas or plans. Every day, when I awake, is filled with endless possibilities.

Serge: Are you going to make concert tours?

Richard: Perhaps.

Serge: Do you plan to create movie music?

Richard: That is a fantasy of mine. Perhaps someday!

Serge: What are your interests in life and hobbies?

Richard: My interests are: exploring the universe both within myself and without.

Serge: Are you fond of traveling?

Richard: Most definitely!

Serge: What is your family?

Richard: I am proud to say that I am a gay man living in a long term relationship. Many of my fans know that I am gay, some do not. I have no patience for intolerance, so those who are offended by my sexual preference must seek an outlet for their ignorance elsewhere. I would like to have your reaction to this (possible) news. I have found that the European view is usually far more progressive than here in the US. But, we are all evolving together. Someday soon this will not even be the slightest issue.

Serge: What would you like to wish readers of our magazine and in general, admirers of your music in Belarus and Russia?

Richard: The joy of stillness, the magic of attainable peace...and a really great meal!!!