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Music, Movies and Mayhem - A Review by Serge Kozlovsky

Richard Bone

This album begins with the birds singing and some technogenic-abstract noises. Then an energetic-pulsing music appears, which harmonizes the primitive chaos and immerse you into a maze of the synthetic world. This is the composition "Cancion Del Arco". Its mood is taken by trance-covering "Sultana", in which Oriental tunes are observed. But they are indissoluble with a gaping blackness with the open space. And whirling in the whirlpool of the beating rhythms, this music like a radiating on the edges black column is flowing into a boundless interstellar space. I would name this composition "a melody of the cosmic dervishes". And Space begins to dominate. It carries you away in its infinity (composition "It's Quite Romantic"). In the music of Richard Bone present a broadness and flight of inspiration, and also a power is felt in it. To all the said above I can add that this music is not traditional: Richard Bone masterly uses a lot of the most fantastic sounds, and he originally works with various noises. He is both a talented artist and a brilliant sound engineer. And his music with all its saturation with most whimsical sounds and emotionality does not irritate a listener and does not try to capture his attention. It can be played at the full volume, and at the same time it can be a perfect background. In general, a "night" quality is at present in Richard Bone's music. Listening to the "Metaphysic Mambo" , you can feel like sitting under an endless gaping-black sky, filled with bright glittering stars.

Composition "History Of The Earth" takes you to the distant past of our planet. And this world comes to be incredibly technological. You see spaceships, arriving and leaving from the landing sites of the techno-megapolises of the Earth. And you comprehend this planet as an indissoluble part of the United Space Community...

"Priapus at Dawn" is like a message of some distant extraterrestrial civilization, delivered by an extraordinary cyber-creatures. Richard Bone is connecting in his music this world with a cosmic world, considering the Earth as a part of the Universal Organism. "Every Word She Mambos" is a Space Erotica, extraordinary impressions, rainbow circles of an orgasm, inexpressible ecstasy of confluence, which contains bliss and infinity.

"Without Name or Number" -- the Inexpressible begins dominating and, observing and comprehending everything, one does not need any names: Limitation completely leaves place to Infinity, which has no name.

"Lamda Rising" is a finishing trait, warm waves of Love, which calm the heart, flight of the Spirit to the meeting with the Unknown, aspiration to the new worlds.

Listen to the "Metaphysic Mambo", this completely extraordinary music, which is able to open to you new sides of this ordinary world and help to broaden your perception.

Serge Kozlovsky

P.S. I would like to express my gratitude to Alexander Petrov for translation of this review.