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An Interview with Richard Bone
(a site exclusive)

    I would like to encourage any readers who haven’t already done so to check out our previous site interviews conducted in 2004 (link) and 2005 (link). The 2004 interview was a much more inclusive and in-depth interview covering subjects from Richard's early years up to 2004, and 2005 was an update to that original interview.

    Thank you Richard for taking time to update us on what you’ve been up to recently. Much has happened since our last interview in 2005 with the release of five recordings including your collaboration project with Lisa Indish and the limited release of selected tracks from your rare '80-'82 recordings. Let's begin by talking about your current work in progress - INFINITE PLASTIC CREATION...

MK: You are currently in the studio working on your next rhythmic recording entitled “Infinite Plastic Creation”. Can you tell us a little bit about what we might expect?

RB: "Infinite Plastic Creation," as the title may suggest, is an expanding collection of new works radiating out from me in may directions like the spokes of a wheel. It will encompass nearly every aspect of my career to date. To accomplish this it appears the work will need to be a 2 disc set, an audio disc and a DVD for the new videos. However, it's still in the "Infinite Creation" stages and Divine Plasticity may alter the course at any time!

MK: “Infinite Plastic Creation” is a very intriguing title. How did that title come to you?

RB: I was reading a 1961 publication by U.S. Anderson called "The Magic in Your Mind." In his discussion of the inescapable conclusion, when viewing the known Universe, that there surely is Divine wisdom and order at work. He called the Divine order "Infinite Plastic Creation." It was as though I had be struck by a bolt of inspired energy. I knew, in that moment, what would occupy my next creative year or two.

MK: A couple of your previous CDs have also included videos. Will the same be true of this recording?

RB: As I mentioned briefly above, I'm not yet sure whether the videos will be on a separate DVD or be included on one single disc as they were on Saiyuji.

MK: How are you feeling about how the new work is evolving?

RB: Interesting question! My focus and direction seem so clear to me that I'm simply allowing the work to take form. I have a feeling I'll just keep creating until that little inner voice says "You're done, now time for review." That's when I'll really know how I'll feel about it all. For now, just as I think an artist must feel when creating or why bother, I'm creating the best work of my life.

MK: You have had several of your previous works develop into a trilogy, e.g., “Electropica/Coxa/Ascensionism” and “Disorient/Reality Temples/Saiyuji”. Do you feel that “Infinite Plastic Creation" may have a follow-up waiting in the ether?

RB: I have no idea. You see, those were never really created as a trilogy. It wasn't until after the fact that it was pointed out to me that I work in three's (which is also a significant number to me). Come to think of it there is actually a third trilogy of The Eternal Now, Tales from the Incantina and Vesperia...thematically anyway.

MK: You have recently begun using an iMac with some of your video work. What effect has this had on your creative process for videos?

RB: Well, it doesn't crash as much as Windows for one thing!!! Up until the beginning of 2007 all the videos were created on a very basic version of Pinnacle software. This wonderful software was really intended for just editing videos of grandma and the kids, not really meant for professional use. However, the fact that several of the works I created with Pinnacle were licensed by The Harmony Channel made me feel that I must be doing something of interest. Now, as I discover the iMac a whole new creative vista is unfolding.

MK: Has it also had any effect on your recording techniques?

RB: Incredibly, up until about two weeks ago I have never placed one note inside a computer. But I was working on a new video, Brighter Nova, and the music track was a bit muddy. I thought, "there must be something in the iMac to help me master this track." Well, I discovered their entry level music software, GarageBand (which I had ignored just because the name didn't appeal to me....so don't judge the proverbial book). It was as if I had always been using it. I mastered the track in moments and soon began experimenting with the recording side. The result was the first piece of music I ever wrote on a computer (how many years late am I?). Numerica Pi is also now a new track and video for consideration on Infinite Plastic Creation (see how that title seems to make sense now?).

MK: You have several of your videos currently airing on cable television’s Harmony Channel. Are there other outlets for your videos?

RB: Yes, indeed. The new internet TV platform, Joost, will be launching soon (the Beta site is up and running). A new Joost channel, Floating Worlds, will be featuring my work.

MK: What other projects (including any collaborations with other artists) are currently in the works?

RB: None....although there are a couple of nearly completed collaborations in the can...it seems my heart and soul is completely focused on Infinite Plastic Creation.

MK: Where do you envision your work might be heading in the future?

RB: Alpha Centauri!

MK: And last but certainly not least, do you have any other news, information or interesting tidbits you would like to mention?

RB: I love a good Japanese breakfast, my favorite color is blue and I still have no idea what "pearls before swine" means! CHEERS!

MK: Thank you once again Richard for taking time to keep us updated about your current projects. We'll be looking forward to the next update!

(This interview was concluded April 16, 2007)