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Review by Michael Foster

Richard Bone

     With the release of Ascensionism Richard Bone concludes the trilogy begun with Electropica and continued in Coxa. This outing takes us on a musical journey through the mystical system known as the Kabbalah and uses the music to paint wonderful pictures in the minds eye. Ascensionism is not nearly as jazz oriented as Coxa was but has the familiar elements that make Richard's music unique and very listenable featuring a blend of warm and soothing keyboards along with the sound of brushes on drums and the muted horn. Jazz is clearly evidenced in Richard's work but there is enough of the floating melodies and airy compositions to still call it ambient as well. On the song Ascensionism I was reminded of Bob James' style of keyboard playing and being a long time fan of Bob James the music put a big smile on my face.

     Overall the CD has a light and ethereal touch throughout with only a few exceptions. The music definitely exudes the mystical energy that it was written to express. It raises you upwards on the wings of carefully constructed synth sequences and then lets you float among the clouds with music that maintains a contemplative state of mind in the listener. Stand out tracks for me were Ariel Dane and the Serphim Swing with its deep caressing tones and the trumpet that leads you ever higher, Walkin With the Dharma Bums hearkening back to the early days of 60's club jazz featuring some very cool licks and finally Ascensionism which has the feel of some of the great jazz that appeared around the late 70's and early 80's with artists like Bob James and Grover Washington.

     All in all I think that this CD finishes off Richard Bone's trilogy with a very powerful CD that achieves its power in a very laid back fashion. Another great CD from Richard Bone and certainly not the last that we will hear of this talented musician.

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