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A Ultima Fronteira Radio (Blog) - a review by Roberto Vales

Richard Bone

     New disc of Richard Bone, the prolific and always fascinating composer. With every disc that Richard Bone makes he shows the amount of musical ideas that he puts in his music.

     "Sudden Departure" is a disc that started in the work of Cynthia Lund Torroll. She is also the designer of the cover. In the cover Cynthia tries to show the human emotions (same as Richard Bone does with the music).

     This new disc starts with "Unknown Waters", a song that take us to the mystery. Then "Paetr Pax" shows us the power of the music (very beauty and subtle but also powerful). "The Memory of Caves" takes us again in the mystery of a dark cave. And finally "Ophir" (the legendary city of the King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba) where Richard Bone does a great song with a very beautiful chorus and a great instruments.

     As the words of Pablo Picasso said (they are in the cover of the disc): "An idea is just the point of start, as soon as you create the idea it is change with your thoughts". Richard Bone has plenty of ideas and he put them in his rich music.

     "Sudden Departure" is one of the disc that we like, a disc that goes on and on slowly but steady, a disc where the composer take us in his mind and thoughts and change us to start dreaming and let our imagination flies.

Reviewed by Roberto Vales