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Music for Vespers at the First Congregational Church
of Holliston, Massachusetts

Richard Bone


     VESPERIA, which was commissioned specifically for vespers service at the Holliston church, is divided into four parts of gracious & serene electronic ambience. The disc concludes with a scored reading of a poem by Lisa Louise Indish which perfectly sums up the inspirational tone of Vesperia. The music transcends religious sectarianism, however, and is intended as a soundtrack for anyone interested in the journey inward and the power of thought. It was directly inspired by the writings of Ernest Holmes, Florence Shinn and Raymond Holliwell.

Vesperia can often be found at:
or cdbaby.com.

Audio Samples


Vesperia Part One



Vesperia Part Two



Vesperia Part Three



Vesperia Part Four



Vesperia Epilogue
 (a poem by Lisa Indish)           


Be sure to also check out the accompanying DVD The Vesperia Videos.
Absolutely stunning!!

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VESPERIA has been included on the
New Age Reporter Top 100 Airplay Chart for 2006.
Star's End Radio has listed VESPERIA as one the most
Significant Releases of 2006.
VESPERIA can now be heard on both Sirius and XM satellite radio.
VESPERIA was included on the Mystic Music, New Age Sampler and the
Music Beyond the Lakes Top 20 charts for both June, July and August '06!
VESPERIA jumps to #6 on the NAR Top 100 Charts for June airplay
after making its debut at #12 for May!
VESPERIA makes the Stars End Top 20 Significant Releases and
the Earth Feeling Top Played lists for May 2006.
"Vesperia Part Three" was Vesperia's debut track on Echoes Radio!
The first reviews of Vesperia are just in! New Age Reporter's new feature - Both Sides Now
makes two contrasting reviews available. Read them at
this link.   (5/23/06)
Lisa Indish has made some adorable tank tops available that feature an excerpt from her
Epilogue Poem (below) printed on the front. For complete details please visit her site at:



“Vesperia Epilogue”

The sun is rising.
I feel It touching my face.
It is Source.  It is God.  It is You.  It is me.
Warmth penetrating my being.
My steps reach out with toes aligned to earth,
Knowing it is where I must go
And there I Am.
Breathing, Breathing, Breathing,
Inhale – Exhale.
I am ready to receive and yet ready to let go,
You are All, this I feel and know.
I walk Your paths so carefully cleared.
I see what I need, want and desire.
It all stems back to You.
Circles.  Spirals.  Roundness of woman, of life,
It never ends.  It continues.
It draws, colors, creates and then re-creates
What It wishes without question or wonder.
As I send out I await Your response.
It comes gently to my ears
As a caressing wind,
A leaf cascading to the ground,
and I am filled with here and now, joy and love,
tomorrow and today.
And in this moment I am blessed.
As I breathe in what I long for, I receive.
I embrace You and I thank You.

Lisa Louise Indish
Copyright March 3, 2006


Vesperia Crystal and Church Photograph by: Steven Lacasse
Epilogue Poem by: Lisa Louise Indish

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