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The Alternate Spectral Ships
Video Album

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Featuring two free video downloads created from out takes of THE SPECTRAL SHIPS sessions. The offerings here are "Dance of the Sirens" and "Enraptured." Eerie, serene and beautiful!

The SAIYUJI Videos
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Three extraordinary videos -- "By Any Other Name," "Improbable Earth" and "Aquaville." The first two were included on SAIYUJI, and the last is a bonus video not included on the CD, but available for free downloading.


These videos were created to accompany Richard's INFINITE PLASTIC CREATION recording. There are six videos in the collection now available to order. Three of the pieces, Numerica Pi, Brighter Nova, and The Glowiggle feature musical tracks not included on the CD. You'll find information on this collection here

Neal Drobnis Glass Works

This is a video Richard created for an amazing glass blower showing several gorgeous pieces and the process he uses to create them. Featuring "Sultry Sally's Meditation Alley" as the soundtrack.

The Vesperia Videos are a series of four serene and meditative videos Richard created to accompany the Vesperia CD release. More information on purchasing this collection can be found at this link.

Come Back Little Shiva

Richard's first
music video using footage he shot in Egypt and the music of "Come Back Little Shiva" from THE REALITY TEMPLES.

The Fifth Riddle

An ambient video with the music of "The Fifth Riddle" from Richard's 2001 highly acclaimed release TALES FROM THE INCANTINA.




The two collaboration videos in this section feature visuals by Richard
with music by others.

Slow Design #4
A Video by Morgan Fisher and Richard Bone

This lovely ambient video features the music of multi-talented artist Morgan Fisher with visuals by Richard Bone.  Experience this contemplative video here.

Initiate's Garden
Music by Mary Zema - Video by Richard Bone
This gorgeous video by Richard Bone features the music of Mary Zema from her Quirkworks recording "
Songs of Early Paradise". View it here.



And the following videos were created by others using Richard's music.

Desmoria                    Arabaya
A wonderfully psychedelic pair of videos by Michael Urbanski using the tracks "Desmoria" from Richard's 2010 recording BELEAGURED BLOSSOMS and "Arabaya" from his 2002 recording DISORIENT. Lovely!

Flow Goes the Universe
An ambient video created by Barton Santello using the track "Waterton" from Richard's 1998 recording THE SPECTRAL SHIPS. Spooky stuff!

Strange Attractor
This eleven minute video by Barton features the tracks "Outside the Incrimination Field" and "Playa Six" from Richard's 1999 recording COXA.

Day Residue

This video by Barton Santello features the tracks "Dido" from COXA and "The Andean Grays" from ELECTROPICA.
DAY RESIDUE (Experimental, 12-Min) by Barton Santello. Psychotropic Films (2006).