Time Travel







- A Review by Bill Binkelman
Issue #11

Richard Bone

      Here we go again! Richard Bone has produced still another great album in yet another different direction. Sheesh! I should get a rubber stamp made up for this guys reviews with the words "An incredible CD! Go buy this -- right now!" It's cliche to say that Richard continually re-invents himself as a musician and composer, but on Coxa (the definition of which is your hip bone, by the way), he has followed up his wonderful Electropica with another musical tribute CD. This time he salutes the mellow swing jazz of people like Creed Taylor, Cal Tjader and their like. As with Electropica, his tribute is both a wonderful homage and a brilliant new twist on this re-emerging genre.
     The fantastic art deco graphics on the cover and inside (by Jim Szarkowicz) tipped me off to the "Hipness" factor contained herein. This music is ultra-cool and swings with a seductiveness and retro-jazz/swing feel that I fell in love with on the first playing. The sax and bass on "Playa Six" are just too groovy (a la beatnik groovy) for words. You can imagine listening to this in a smoky club with people dressed in black turtlenecks and berets. Yeah, baby! The sexy swaying rhythms of "Outside the Incrimination Field" should easily jump start your libido, assuming ya got the beat in your blood. Then there's the vibes and cymbals in "Amorita Dive," with some whacked-out vocal refrain and muted electronic effects. Oh man, this recording is fun!
     While all of Coxa is a blast, the absolute stone-cold high point for me is "Dido" with Johnnie Walker Black-mellow guitar, luxuriously languid vibes, and slow tempo percussion. Oh, get my hat and coat -- this cat is going prowling tonight! As a final twist, Richard has included a mystery cut (unlisted) at the end of the CD. I won't describe it, but it will be a surprise after the rest of the CD!
     Bless Richard Bone! With Coxa and
Electropica, he has brought a healthy dose of desperately needed fun and spice to this dreary world, along with a sense of musical humor second to none. This one is highly recommended for hep cats and swingers without reservations -- the rest of you, well, you just don't dig this scene, do ya? Your loss, baby!

- Bill Binkelman -