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X Considers Y
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Richard Bone

"After moving to New York to study drama at the New York Academy of Theatrical Arts, Richard started his musical career by creating atmospheric soundscapes for various off-Broadway productions ("I placed 50 small speakers at random under seats and fed them bird calls, wind, thunder, anything moody so that the sounds were always in motion") for A Midsummers Night Dream.

Later, Richard joined the neo-legendary SHOX LUMANIA whose "Live at the Peppermint Lounge" became one of the first releases on the visionary RIOR label.

From there came a series of recordings for Chrysalis (UK) Records which placed Richard firmly in the British alternative charts.

However, at this point Richard felt the need to push the creative envelope and so turned from the 'pop' venue and concentrated on creating experimental works for television (USA Cable & Co-Directions in NYC) as well as performance art and dance. These influences are clearly heard on Richard's second Quirkworks release "AMBIENTO". "X CONSIDERS Y" is the latest result of Richard's twisted vision of Pop Music. In fact, so many tracks for this project were recorded that the CD includes a coupon for a free cassette containing 10 additional tracts.

Senior Hueso is currently working on his next project, "VOX ORBITA": a collection of ambience-rhythm-and the voices of three Angels."

(date & author unknown)